Thursday, August 10, 2017

has it been THAT long !!@?

Good grief!  I knew I had taken leave...but, maybe I also took leave of my senses.  Oh, alright, no chance of that..... don't have much sense anyway most days.

I've been dealing with chaos since April due to a burst R/O cartridge on our water purifier system which was under the kitchen sink.  It spewed out water for 3 hours while I was not at home.  Ruined our hardwood floor and all the work we did last year in the basement.  Huge $$$ amount involved...

Many of you know I am always in the thick of it with renovations anyway..but, this was different.  We had finally finished the last of the renos at Christmas and were enjoying a totally finished house for those few months...then, April... yeh, well, never say it's over and never say you're finished that's my advice.  Something or somebody heard us and decided we were not finished at all.

So, we have had to deal with insurance, trades people we don't know, and all sorts of hassles for the past few still isn't over, but almost.  I lost the last of the few marbles I ever had I'm sure.

I decided to try some stitching the other day while waiting for the car to be serviced..and, as usual, again, waiting all those hours for the phone call to say when to come back to collect it...

My eyes have gotten much worse and I was totally dismayed to discover I can hardly do tiny stitching even with my glasses on and a big magnifier on the table... but, persevered and did get a few stitches done.

Here are a few pics of the new little pin cushion I am starting.. the large flower is not my stitching, it is a piece of a pretty doily.  The bottom corner is a vintage hankie...

And, we just got home from visiting relatives in Prince George... some pretty roadside shots from the scenic drive home..