Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Donkey Sanctuary

Well, I got all the cards chosen and is quite a job really.  Getting just the right card for everybody.  I can't just grab any old card and toss on the address and send it.  Nope.  Doesn't work for me.

Each person is so different... each is perhaps going through something in his or her life and the inside sentiment is pretty important to their frame of mind.   Well, that's how I feel about it anyway.... and, so there is lots of uhm-ing and ahhr-ing while I sort through my selection of cards.  

And, may I offer my tip on how not to feel sick to your stomach when it comes to licking the envelopes? ...   Don't do it !!  Get a moist paper towel and run it over the glue instead  ...forget using your tongue..... some of that stuff tastes horrible !!  ICK....   of course, some of it doesn't stick anything down don't forget to have some tape handy.


This is also my annual plea to anybody who happens by my blog.  Please, if you can afford some small amount....  would you consider a donation to one of my two favourite charities?  The Primrose Donkey Sanctuary in Toronto, Canada.  

Sheila takes in so many donkeys in need... along with all sorts of other poor, unwanted and neglected animals.  She only has a small area and it is totally staffed with volunteers..   All the money goes to feeding and caring for the animals.  The hay, the vets, the farriers... last year they even had to ship hay from the neighbouring province as there was none to be had where they were due to rotten weather that had decimated the usual crops.  It takes a lot of money to keep going, but they do their best regardless of the situation it seems.

I just like to help ever since I learned of her little group and the good works they are doing there.   On my side bar there is a photo of Sheila and two of the wonderful donkeys.  Click on it to go to her site if you want to find out more about her and the sanctuary.   Amazing animals they are.  

I remember to send my cheque each year because I do it with my Christmas cards today.... some hay money is winging its way across the country to Sheila and her amazing team of volunteers.

Maybe you could send a card too.... and thank you so much if you do.


some of the photos Sheila has sent me over the years...   sometimes they find abused donkeys that are pregnant, and then, all of a sudden, they have two new mouths to feed. 

To see a short video of Sheila and lots of donkeys... click on the link below.  And, why I can't make the link wording change colour I haven't a clue !!  arrgghhh... but, click on it anyway, okay?

The Donkey Sanctuary

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


I decided it's time to change my header to something Christmas-y... and to pretend I am still alive and kicking.

Definitely the kicking part....

Today is Christmas card day.  If I don't send some today ...they will never arrive on time.  ...  my cousin's card won't get there on time anyway.  Oh, well....he will understand.  The past 6 months of this year have been a bit of a write off.  Suffice to say ...I am looking forward to next year already even though I know full well one should never wish away any part of life.

Have made a few ornaments ..just for the fun of it.  My tree certainly doesn't need any more.  I'll give them all away now.  There are over a hundred origami ornies on it this year.  However, having said that.... you don't really notice that there are too many.  It is a 7 footer and plenty of room for all the ornaments ... it looks great if I do say so myself.  And, I do.

Have you heard of Cupcake Jemma ?  Seen her youtube video of mini gingerbread houses?  I want to make some ... they are soooo cute.   Maybe between Christmas and New Year I can give them a try.  Haven't a clue seeing as I have never attempted a gingerbread anything.... but, I do want to try.  Watch this space, as they say....

Off to have tea and a biscotti.... lots of cookies around...but I must do some that are not is like coffee for me.  Keeps me awake if I have them after noon..

Monday, September 18, 2017

Hedgehogs and hobby rooms....

Finally... beginning to see my desk and can actually get to it without having to leapfrog over rugs, furniture and cushions, etc...

We finished the ceilings in the basement ourselves ..just got the office done two days ago.  Now the computer has gone back down into the office.  Lots of other stuff has moved too.. yaaaayyyy!  Still more stuff and furniture to move yet.... but it's coming along.  Another few days and it should be more or less back to normal in there.  I can hardly wait.

Every so often I get to do a bit of drawing and drop on a bit of watercolour paint ... such fun taking Danielle Donaldson's classes.  Little drawings ... which is perfect ....  seeing as I have no space on the darn table yet...just enough for tiny pieces of watercolour paper and some paint.. oh, and of course, some paint brushes.  All I have is 2 square feet of space right now ...but, it's enough!

Whimsical animals this time around, and I am pretty darn proud of my little hedgehog... which is a totally copied Danielle version of a hedgehog... well, as close to hers as I managed to make him.

Are you ready for soooo cute?  I love my little guy!  What fun it is to see little faces come to life... almost as great as making little bears.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Still workin' .....

A few of the areas downstairs now have new suspended tile ceilings.... we've been busy after tearing off the finished drywall and changing it all over.  Most of it got ruined with the water damage from the burst R/O unit cartridge... along with the walls and baseboards and casings etc...but, we didn't re-do that ourselves this time.   We had just finished it at Christmas and didn't have it in us to do it all over ourselves yet again I guess.

The rest of the insurance claim "re-build" is finished now..  it's just us doing our own work with the ceilings ... Greg wanted to do them himself so he could move some lights and organize cables and wires for electronics on his own timetable.

Just the office left to do now.. and we can start hanging pictures and moving the last of the furniture back down there.   It'll be nice to have my front room back to normal...once again....

The hobby room is still over flowing with "stuff" that doesn't belong... it's hard to figure out where to put some of it now.  We sold our desk and office credenza when the water damage happened and we had to move furniture out of the downstairs.  Now... we have nowhere to put some things... time to purge even more I guess.

We spent Sunday purging and re-arranging the storage area downstairs .... it is kinda roomy in there now... ahahaha...oh, oh...  maybe I can put more stuff in it... I better not even think about it.  Just give some stuff away or send it to good will or something...

Wanna see our handiwork?
The landing before we got the tiles all in position..

Fire alarm and lights all done..tiles all in....

Entryway to exercise room...

Speaker and light together in one tile originally...but we moved and changed things....

Entryway now finished...

Thursday, August 10, 2017

has it been THAT long !!@?

Good grief!  I knew I had taken leave...but, maybe I also took leave of my senses.  Oh, alright, no chance of that..... don't have much sense anyway most days.

I've been dealing with chaos since April due to a burst R/O cartridge on our water purifier system which was under the kitchen sink.  It spewed out water for 3 hours while I was not at home.  Ruined our hardwood floor and all the work we did last year in the basement.  Huge $$$ amount involved...

Many of you know I am always in the thick of it with renovations anyway..but, this was different.  We had finally finished the last of the renos at Christmas and were enjoying a totally finished house for those few months...then, April... yeh, well, never say it's over and never say you're finished that's my advice.  Something or somebody heard us and decided we were not finished at all.

So, we have had to deal with insurance, trades people we don't know, and all sorts of hassles for the past few still isn't over, but almost.  I lost the last of the few marbles I ever had I'm sure.

I decided to try some stitching the other day while waiting for the car to be serviced..and, as usual, again, waiting all those hours for the phone call to say when to come back to collect it...

My eyes have gotten much worse and I was totally dismayed to discover I can hardly do tiny stitching even with my glasses on and a big magnifier on the table... but, persevered and did get a few stitches done.

Here are a few pics of the new little pin cushion I am starting.. the large flower is not my stitching, it is a piece of a pretty doily.  The bottom corner is a vintage hankie...

And, we just got home from visiting relatives in Prince George... some pretty roadside shots from the scenic drive home..